Thursday, June 24, 2010

Here are a couple of BGs in progress for our film!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Hello to everyone who still checks this (very poorly maintained) blog!

Here is an update on what is happening with our film and the B.Ki! Animation team:

We weren't able to finish our film this past semester due to some really exciting opportunities that we decided were too good to pass up. In March-April, we got the chance to work on the pilot episode of Young Justice as storyboard revisionists at WB (Thanks to our storyboarding professor Jay Oliva)! Brendan graduated in May and moved to Burbank to continue working at WB full time. I will be at Sony Pictures Imageworks starting this month as part of their IPAX program, training to be a 3d animator. And, both of us will continue to work on the film until it is done! We are anticipating finishing by August, and screening in December. Since this is our first film together, it means a lot to both of us to see it through! For now, we posted our trailer online and you can see it here:

(The music is "We have a map of the piano" by Mum)
The animation was done by me, and the backgrounds were drawn and painted digitally by Brendan.
Hope you like it!

Thanks for reading :)