Thursday, November 12, 2009


Our main chacter through the ages!


  1. Love your drawings. You're great artist!

  2. Looks awesome! The only thing I'd say is check the nose on the old woman version. Old woman's nose hooks down while the other two curl upward. It should be consistent through the ages, to help the viewer associate old lady with little girl.

    I'm sure it's clear in your story, but having it clear in the actual characters will make it that much more clear. But on that note, it is absolutely clear between little girl and hot young lady. Lookin great!

  3. thanks for the comment, but we intentionally gave the old woman a hooked nose to accentuate her age as well as to further differentiate her present and past self. In the story she is living in a world that is drastically different to the one she grew up in and in the context of the story the choice of a hooked nose causes absolutely no confusion but ads to the appearance of a women who is far beyond her prime.